My rescue rednose pitbill rescued from the NYACC, a high kill shelter in NYC. His name is Arthur Barker McArthur and he makes our world colorful every day. We rescued him in honor of our late Petie. Arthur loves his squeaky toys and loves to annoy his kitty sister. Lol. Here he is basking in the sun in his backyard. ????
Rylee May, 3 years old, American staffordshire terrier. Rylee has a ball that is her favorite. If it rolls under the furniture, she comes over and taps me and walks over to where it is and starts barking like she’s asking for help. When I howl, she howls back. If I ask her “do you wanna” she tilts her head just like in this picture. Shes got the funniest personality.
This is my 11 month old Labrador Missy, AKA the Missile! She loves to play at the park and socialize with other dogs. She is always up for a ride in the car. We just love her!
Augie….a now 13 y/o mini-Schnauzer…He spent the first 5 yrs of his life as a breeding dog in a puppy mill', never seeing the outside if his cage??…He has known nothing but love for the padt 8 years….He's a special little fella ❤?❤?
This is Clover, our 2 year old Goldendoodle. She was born on St. Patrick’s Day. She is the sweetest, most affectionate dog???
Name: Orion Age: 8-9 Breed: Husky Mix This is Orion’s favorite toy, he brings 1 with home everywhere he goes. Even to bed. We have to buy them in bulk whenever we find them.
Kiedis at a south shore beach last year after a storm. Seven year old lab.
Ozzie at three months old. He will swim anywhere. Luckily a year later he has stopped his toilet swimming. Year and a half Lab.
Tobias 13 y/o Cairn Terrier (he's deaf)…. We tragically lost our Bailey a few years back and we knew we wanted to rescue another Cairn…but the ones we came across in our search were not a match for our gang (3 other pooches) at the time, so we adopted Penelope at that time (a BEAUTIFUL schnauzer/berger picard mix ❤?)….Then a couple of months later my wife found Tobias on a Cairn rescue site & I was hesitant about bringing a deaf dog as our 5th dog…but my wife could NOT get him off of her mind….So we were going away for a weekend to Saratoga Springs upstate…and wife says "Joe….I just found out where Tobias is located…it's Saratoga Springs!!!….We're coming home with him!!!"….And we did!!❤?❤?
This is my Mulligan, we rescued him from Long Road Home rescue, it was a few months after losing my beloved Golden named Leah! Mulligan’s name was Mulberry, we thought that was not a good fit, so my daughter renamed him Mulligan, second chance at golf, and this was his second chance!
Reagan is a Wheaton/Poodle mix. She is 7 years old. I fostered her, then adopted her two years ago. Reagan is a mill rescue. It was the best decision I ever made! She is loving her life as a cherished pet!
This is Suki. Around 6 yrs old. I got her at a rescue a year ago with her daughter Sadie. She used to chew a blanket for comforting because she was anxious but has not done that since last August. She LOVES her two daily walks and is a people lover. She loves chasing squirrels and is optimistic she will catch one every time. She is loyal and is always at my side.
This is buddy! Almost 6 years old. Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle). He came into my life after he was bought by a guy from a pet store and after throwing up in the car on the way home, he decided he didn’t want him anymore. Thank goodness he ended up in our home because he’s so loved. Fun fact: he used to do obstacle courses and kinda misses it.
This is Lilly! She’s an 8 year old Cavachon. Lilly is an absolute love. She enjoys cuddling most of all. Lilly is a trooper, she was diagnosed with diabetes in December but thankfully is pretty stable. I couldn’t ask for a more lovable fur baby.
Chance 4 yrs old Pitt/ boxer mix This is the dog I told my son not to get when he was in college. I wouldn't change a thing. ❤️ my grandson ?
This is my baby girl Bella, seated with her brother. I flew to Texas to pick her up from a rescue group. She was stuck in a puppy mill and she was caged as they were waiting to begin her life as a mill momma. Thankfully she was rescued and we were selected to be her new family. She was immediately welcomed by her 1 year old baby brother. This pic was taken last May at Bella’s birthday bash. Bella has happily adapted to her wonderful new life as a princess, aka CinderBella
I’m Jude, I’m 9 and I’m a yorkie. I live with my 2 dog brothers and 2 cat siblings. I was recently adopted. Don’t feel sorry about me having one eye. I’ll steal your heart and your girl. Remember #adoptdontshop
This is Coco she is 16 months old golden doodle. Loves playing catch and loves toilet paper
Woody 10 weeks Irish wolfhound I have tons of other photos and he has his own Instagram: Instagram.com/woodythe_IW Woody flew to NY from Montana last week and joined our home and filled our hearts! Currently he loves naps,cuddles, tug o war, and bully twirl treats. He hates being alone and pooping outside ?
This is Delray 12 years old a puggle. Loves to look out the window and bark
Churro. 10 months old. Australian Cattle Dog/American Staffy mix. Big fan of elk antlers, cheese, and me-his momma. Doesn’t like the swiffer, being away from his momma, and brooms. We went to North Shore looking for a lab mix. We saw a few precious little babies but none that we really bonded with. Then I saw a little freckled paw poking out of a kennel all the way at the end of the row. I took him out and held him, turned to my boyfriend and asked “do you want to hold your puppy? Because he’s coming home with us”
Kelsey Age 6-1/2 Greyhound; retired racer.
Asher Age 2ish Mutt Asher came to us from a high kill shelter in Texas, via Ruff House Rescue. He was touch sensitive and extremely reactive. He had a hard time receiving love, and displayed love through biting and jumping. We just celebrated a year with him, last week. He now loves a good snuggle, and recently began giving us “belly.” He is silly and if he were in college, he’d be a frat boy, who fails out his first semester.
Ricky (on top) & Lucy Twins
Name: Silas Age: 1 Breed: Pitmix Silas is our very active puppy. He is by far the funniest dog we have. When we adopted him a little over a year ago, he completed our family (for now ?). Taking on a puppy was an experience my fiancée and I have never had before and it was definitely a rollercoaster. He just wants to be loved and accepted, he has to be touching one of us at all times, and there’s nothing he enjoys more then playing in the backyard.
Apollo, formally known as Hasbro and Tortellini Age: 3 Breed: Pitmix Apollo was formally known as Tortellini and then Hasbro. My fiancée and I were driving when we made a wrong turn… and decided to stop at the shelter and see some dogs. With no intentions to actually adopt… when we came across Hasbro. All the dogs were barking and jumping at the cages and when I walked to the very last cage, he was sitting there all patiently and seemed to be so well behaved. Didn’t bark, didn’t jump. Just wagged his tail. We knew immediately we wanted him and changed our life to have him. We went away on vacation and said if we come back and he’s still there it’s meant to be. Well he was still there and soon enough he became ours ❤️ a year or so later we came across another owner and her new dog at a dog park and found out that we won him over her… needless to say it was very awkward when we found out she was declined and we were choosen to be his owners ?.
This is Petey. He is a 12 year old Shih Tzu. We rescued him four years ago. I was looking to rescue another dog after my Maltese Candy passed away at the age of 15. I had visited so many shelters but my Pekingese Buttons was not loving any of them. Then we found Petey. It was love at first sight. Buttons instantly accepted him and I couldn’t have been happier since I was in love with Petey. He stole my heart. He is just the sweetest dog who just wants to give love and be loved.
Name: Rue Age: 5 Breed: Chocolate Lab Rue is a Chronic Kidney Disease canine who is currently on the end stages of this horrific disease. We are trying our very best to get her levels down but despite her being sick, she is truly an amazing dog. She cares deeply about her two brothers and will jump in between them if rough housing goes to far. She lets a 65 pound “puppy” lay on her likes he’s still the 12 pound pup we brought home over a year ago. She has so much patience for her brother even if she’s not feeling great. She is the back bone to our family and we don’t know what we would do without her. We are hoping for many more years as 5 years old is way too young and I didn’t have nearly enough time with her..
Penny, 1 year, not sure of her breed ..someone on FB didn’t want her anymore when they realized she wasn’t a poodle (WHAT!!!)
This is Maizie. She’s a 2 yo Cavachon. She was supposed to be my daughter’s dog, but apparently I am her person. I call her “Licky Kinkckie” because she loves to pounce on my chest and lick my face. She loves going for rides in the car.
This is Amelie who is 6 years old. She is a coton de tulear! She is the sweetest dog ever. A Velcro dog. jesse ?? 6 month old mini bernedoodle enjoys chewing on sticks, snuggle with momma & loves dog parks! he is the absolute sweetest little boy ever, i’m a crazy dog momma for sure?
Jordan is my 12 year old shitzhu foster who was abandoned by his family at an animal hospital where he lived for three months. Jordan recently had an eye removed due to medical neglect. Jordan came to me skin and bones but has put on weight nicely. Jordan is a sweet old man who loves car rides and being pushed around town in his doggie stroller. His favorite food is grilled fresh salmon. Favorite TV show is Pitbulls and Parolees. His hobbies include, barking at 4am, sleeping and eating.
jesse ?? 6 month old mini bernedoodle enjoys chewing on sticks, snuggle with momma & loves dog parks! he is the absolute sweetest little boy ever, i’m a crazy dog momma for sure?
This is Riley. She is a 7 year old lab/ golden/ hound mix ( we think). She was rescued from Georgia. She enjoys long walks on the beach, chasing squirrels, and snuggling with her humans. She is having a rough time health wise at the moment, but hopefully will get on the road to recovery
Chase 3 Lab/Shepard Mix We adopted Chase from Northshore Animal League. We have learned how strong and resilient he is. We learned around 1 years old that Chase had epilepsy. He has gone through so much. Still has a few seizures a month (on a ton of meds), but it doesn’t stop him from living life and being a great companion! We love you Chase!
Sully Age: 5 months Breed: West German Shepherd Likes: to eat bark chips, yawn loudly and chase cats Dislikes: Being told no, the fan, and the crate
This is Harley! He will be 2 on 4/10. He is a gentle giant who LOVES to dig holes, go for car rides and squeeze in between your legs. Doesn’t matter how you are sitting or standing he will force himself between your legs so he can be pet. Oh and he thinks he’s a lap dog.
Name: Candy Age: 4.5-ish Breed: pit bull My husband and I had been discussing getting a dog, looking at the different shelters & rescues online, and finally one day in early February he said we should go to the Babylon Animal Shelter “just to look” (spoiler alert, that NEVER works.) Ee spent about an hour going over different dogs with one of the volunteers who was trying to match a dog to our lifestyle and family until finally we spotted Candy in her kennel, half hidden behind a post. We asked what about her?, and the volunteer gave the happiest little sigh and goes “oh Candy, we LOVE Candy.” It took a minute for her to warm up to us but we left that day talking about her. Two days later I crocheted her a sweater with her name embroidered on it & that was it, we took her home 4 days later!
Tucker Labradoodle A very devoted and loving dog. Playful and protective. One of the best things to ever happen to our family.
This is Alfie, 5 year old mutt (suspect terrier mix). I adopted him when I was living in Mississippi. I was a year and a half out of rehab for addiction and ready to add love and responsibility into my life. Alfie has a chemical burn on his back (he was found like that) which made me feel a connection with him because I had scars too (emotional ones). I knew the second I laid eyes on him in the shelter that he was the one. I felt like we were both the underdogs and yet he was still believing in love by how affectionate he was to me. He is an inspiration on how to live my life. That second chances are always possible. I was learning how to live life sober & he taught me how to love again. He loves to smile with his tiny teeth and has such a silly personality! I will have 6 years sober next week and he has been my guiding light. I like to say that I received the best gifts of my life from Mississippi: my sobriety & Alfie ?
This is Brody. He will be 1 on April 27th!! He is an American Staffordshire Terrior, Belgian Turvuren Mix. Matt Stevko and I adopted him on June 30th 2018 from One Love Dog Resuce. He was originally from Alabama! He is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to us! Fun fact: He talks a lot, he says mom and I love you? You can follow his journey on Instagram @staffy.bro
This is Loki, a 4 year old Black Pom mix – who’s birthday is tomorrow! Loki came to me via John Spat who rescued him! He loves to run in the yard, play with CJ and kiss his mama! (And smell her eyeball) He loves any treat he can get but is especially a fan of cheese.
Nitro age 6. Bernese mountain dog. He loves to dig holes and because he digs large and multi holes, I have to put patio furniture in the holes to prevent further digging
This is Maya. She’s a 9 year old blue nose pittie (rescue). Maya is a neighborhood favorite and she has never met someone she doesn’t like & particularly adores kids. One day my teenaged son accidentally left the front door open and Maya ran out. Her name & phone number are on her tag. As I was frantically heading out to find her, my phone rang. It was a woman around the corner who told me she had Maya – and she had taken her off the school bus after Maya tried to board with the kids.
Bandit Age 1year + 6months We have no clue what he is! A mutt! Bandit has a major obsession with hoarding socks, licking ears (human and dog), and sucking on blankets. You could say he's a weirdo! But a very cute one.
This is Coco. She's approximately 7 years old, and she came to us by way of North Shore Animal League America. She was part of a mass rescue of puppy mill dogs from California. Coco is a chiweenie who has come so very far. She's a loveable mush who just loves to cuddle on bed as soon as you've gotten up and can claim it as her own.

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