Australian Terrier (Terrier Group)

Australian Terrier (Terrier Group)

The Australian Terrier is one of the best all-around house pets a family could own. They are caring and affectionate, playful and friendly, yet will bark incessantly upon approaching strangers – making them an outstanding watchdog.

When it comes to dog training, the Australian Terrier is moderately easy to train and enjoys learning new tricks. They are quite clever and one of the most obedient members of the Terrier Group. They get along well with other dogs and pets, but reserved around strangers.

A Brief History Of The Australian Terrier

As its name suggests, this breed originated from Australia and dates back to the early 1900s. It was first created in Tasmania and is one of the smallest sized dogs of the working terriers. Its bloodline comes from several European breeds and shares a very common history with the Silky Terrier.

The rough-coated terriers of Tasmania were used for several jobs, namely at killing small rodents and snakes, acting as a watchdog, and helping to control livestock. This root stock was crossed with a variety of other breeds – the Manchester, Skye, Scotch, Dandie Dinmont, and the Yorkshire Terrier.

This new breed was not only as useful as its forebears, it also had a striking appearance. It went through several name changes before being officially coined as the Australian Terrier. Names such as the Toy Terrier, Blue and Tan Terrier, and Blue Terrier were all used. In 1925 it made its way to the United States and gain AKC recognition in 1960

Upkeep Requirements For The Australian Terrier

Owning an Australian Terrier is all about the pampering. These dogs thrive on human contact and love nothing more than to spend hours upon hours with the family. They have high energy levels for such a small member of the Terrier Group which means plenty of daily exercise through running outside, brisk walks on the leash, and vigorous games in the yard.

These dogs can tolerate cool and warm temperatures but are not made to live outside They must be very close to the family. Australian Terrier dogs are a devoted breed, and make great watchdogs. Grooming requirements call for a weekly brushing to keep its wiry coat free of dead hairs and a bit of trimming around the feet.

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the Australian Terrier is between twelve and fourteen years. There are no major Health Concerns in the breed. Minor health problems that are common include diabetes and patellar luxation. Rarely seen are seizures, Legg-Perthes, and cruciate ligament rupture. And there are no tests recommended by veterinarians to check for future disease.

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