Borzoi (Hound Group)

Borzoi (Hound Group)

The Borzoi is a strikingly elegant-looking member of the Hound Group. With its quiet demeanor and outstanding behavior, this breed is one of the most well-mannered dogs to have as a house pet. And once outside the Borzoi loves to run and chase any small animal in sight. They are moderately affectionate, calm around children, and very sensitive to its owners. Most Borzoi dogs are a bit timid, especially around strangers.

A Brief History Of The Borzoi

Also known as the “Russian Wolfhound”, the Borzoi breed has its origins in Russia and has been around since the Middle ages. The history of these dogs go back to a time when they were bred by the Russian aristocracy for several hundred years.

Even as early as the 13th century these dogs were used to course hare. To increase the breed’s size and improve the coat, they were crossed with coursing hounds, Russian sheepdogs, and bearhounds. The result was a dog that could hunt wolf in cold weather. They would often hunt in three’s – 2 males and 1 female – which were unleashed when a wolf was in sight, taking the animal down with precision until the hunter arrived.

By the time the 1800s came about there were seven types of Borzoi dogs in Russia. The Borzoi that we know of today come from the Perchino type. Once the Russian Revolution took place, many Borzois were killed. The only way the breed survived was due to the caring of foreign royalty that handled several Borzoi kennels. Today the breed is a popular show dog that can often be seen modeling in magazines and also used as a coursing dog.

Upkeep Requirements For The Borzoi

As with most members of the Hound Group the Borzoi needs plenty of physical exercise. Daily walks on the leash in addition to several laps outside in an open field are the ideal activities for the breed. They also love to sprint. Access to a fenced-in yard during the day is ideal.

These dogs can also live outside but should sleep indoors at night with the rest of the family. They do not tolerate heat well but can handle moderately cool temperatures. Grooming requirements for the Borzoi dog calls for heavy brushings about three times weekly. Their coat is very long and tends to shed often.

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the Borzoi is between ten and twelve years. The only major health concern in the breed is gastric torsion. Minor health problems that may show up are hypothyroidism and cardiomyopathy. Veterinarians suggest that the Borzoi get specifically tested for cardiac and thyroid problems.

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