Bulldog Dog Breed

Bulldog Dog Breed

The Bulldog is one of those breeds that carries a mean looking facial expression, but is actually a delight to have as a pet. This dog was originally bred to attack bulls, literally.  History has it that these ferocious little guys used to attack and bite the nose of large bulls in the ring for entertainment purposes. Luckily today, the Bulldog is just an everyday house pet.

Despite its angry looking face, these dogs are extremely amiable and mellow.  The Bulldog is well behaved around children and tends to thrive on pleasing its owners.  Although he can be protective of its owner and a little aggressive towards strange dogs, this breed makes a great family companion and will get along just fine with other pets in the home.

Upkeep And Maintenance

When it comes to upkeep and maintenance of the Bulldog, moderate exercise should be given on a daily basis, such as a brisk walk through the park at least once or twice daily. This is definitely not the type of dog that is made for running.  The Bulldog is quite docile and tends to prefer a slower pace.

Although the Bulldog can live both indoors and outdoors, it is recommended that he remain inside with the family as much as possible.  These dogs cannot stand hot weather and are not good with water. In fact, Bulldogs do not know how to swim.

Grooming the Bulldog takes a little extra care, but only around the face wrinkles and other folds located around the tail.  These areas should be cleaned moderately on a daily basis.  Other than that, a light brushing over the rest of the coat, once or twice weekly, is all that is needed.

Health Information

There are some major Health Concerns that you need to be aware of when owning a Bulldog.  They include stenotic nares, shoulder luxation, ventricular septal defects, CHD, internalized tail, and elongated soft palate.  Occasionally you might come across urethral prolapse and vaginal hyperplasia.

The lifespan of the Bulldog can reach up to 12 years, sometimes longer.  Specific health tests that are recommended by veterinarians include testing for elbow problems, hip dysplasia, need dysplasia, and potential eye problems. Also, wheezing, snoring, and lots of drool is typical with every Bulldog.

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