Canaan Dog (Herding Group)

Canaan Dog (Herding Group)

The Canaan Dog is one of the most easily trainable breeds of the Herding Group. The look of the Canaan does not resemble any of the other herding dogs. They came from a completely different background, but shares all of the similar traits that make it a great herding dog. Medium in size, and athletic in movement, this breed is graceful, quick and agile in the field when working.

The temperament of the Canaan Dog makes it the perfect family pet. They are loving and playful around members of the household, with a never-ending need for affection. Around strangers, however, they become aloof, reserved, and ready to protect its family, making them excellent watchdogs. A natural guardian, the Canaan tends to bark more than other herding dogs.

A Brief History Of The Canaan Dog

The roots of this breed go back to the Ancient times in the land of Israel. The Canaan Dog evolved through many centuries of hardship. Researchers claim that the breed originally started out in Canaan, the biblical land. During these early times they were known as the Kelev Kanani, which means “Dog of Canaan”.

When the Romans came through Israel 2000 years ago and dispersed the people, these dogs were left to survive on their own means, living off the Negev Desert and the Sebulon Coastal Plain. Male puppies were captured by the Bedouins and were used to guard livestock. This went on for many years, making the breed an excellent herding dog and protector.

The existence of the breed today is due to the efforts of a woman named Dr. Rudolphina Menzel. She found these native feral dogs, captured them, and started a breeding program. These canines quickly made headway as trustworthy messengers, fearless sentry dogs, and routinely detected mines during World War II. In 1965, the United States saw its first Canaan dog, and in 1997, the AKC officially recognized the breed as a member of the Herding Group.

Upkeep Requirements For The Canaan Dog

Herding dogs tend to require lots of daily exercise and the Canaan breed is no different. They have moderately high energy levels that can be taken care off with several brisk walks on the leash each day, plus vigorous games and mental stimulation. They especially love herding exercises.

Canaan Dogs can withstand warm and cool temperatures, making it a candidate for living outdoors, but like all dogs that form a tight bond with its human family, the best arrangement is for the Canaan to sleep indoors at night, but have access to a fenced-in yard during the day. Grooming requirements for the breed’s short coat consists of only a light brushing once weekly to remove dead hairs.

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the Canaan Dog is between twelve and thirteen years. This is one of the healthiest breeds alive today, with absolutely no major or minor Health Concerns. Veterinarians do suggest, however, that the Canaan get tested for potential hip problems.

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