Chinese Crested Dog (Toy Group)

Chinese Crested Dog (Toy Group)

The Chinese Crested Dog is an overly playful breed, always on the lookout for fun and games, yet as gentle as they come when sitting on your lap. They are devoted to their family members and always willing to please. The breed is also quite friendly when it comes to other pets and dogs in the house. Even strange people are seen as potential new buddies in the eyes of the Chinese Crested Dog.

A Brief History Of The Chinese Crested Dog

Although the area of origin of these adorable little dogs is said to be China, the exact beginnings of the breed are difficult to trace. Most hairless dogs are mutations that stem from various parts of the globe, more so in South America and Central America. However, the hairless Chinese Crested Dog shows some credible evidence of starting out with roots from Africa, then brought to the Chinese people.

Researchers claim that these roots go back to China at the turn of the 13th century. The dog ended up being seen in other countries when the Chinese is said to have carried the dogs with them on ships for use as rodent catchers. They were then traded to local merchants of other lands. Such trades were responsible for the dogs ending up in South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey.

The Chinese Crested Dog was depicted in paintings throughout Europe in the 1800s. In the late part of the 1800s a women named Ida Garrett, an American, had spread word of popularity about the breed. Soon, enthusiastic breeders made a commitment to continuing the bloodline and after 100 long years of effort, the Chinese Crested Dog made its way to the AKC, officially recognized in 1991.

Upkeep Requirements For The Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs love to play outside but do not fare well in cold weather. Being so small, they can get all the exercise they need while running inside of the house. They make excellent watchdogs but their overly friendly personality may diminish this service a bit.

These dogs also love to jump and climb any object it can safely reach. For this reason you should have tight security so that they cannot escape. Grooming requirements call for regular trimmings of the head, neck, tail, and feet. Rubbing moisturizer on the hairless Chinese Crested Dog also helps keep the skin healthy. Consider sunblock as well when the dog is outside during sunny days.

Health Concerns

The average life span of the Chinese Crested Dog is between thirteen and fifteen years. Major Health Concerns that run common in the breed are lens luxation, PRA, and glaucoma. Minor issues include seizures, deafness, and patellar luxation. Rarely seen is Legg-Perthes. Veterinarians suggest that these dogs get tested for potential knee, eye, and hearing problems.

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