Fox Terrier (Wire) (Terrier Group)

Fox Terrier (Wire) (Terrier Group)

The Wire Fox Terrier lives up to its reputation as a terrier – always looking for adventure and is as scrappy as they come. These dogs love to live life on the move – exploring, hunting, chasing, running, and playing. They are an independent breed, somewhat mischievous in character, but always ready to learn new tricks.

Wire Fox Terriers make an outstanding family pet a they are wonderful around children, but be careful as these dogs may play a bit rough with smaller kids. They love a good time and mix play and affection into one entertaining bundle of fun.

A Brief History Of The Wire Fox Terrier

The history of the Wire Fox Terrier dates back to the 1800s in England. They were initially used as hunting dogs and for fox bolting. There are some theories from dog enthusiasts that suggest the breed shared a history with the Smooth Fox Terrier, coming from the same background. However, to date there is no documentation to prove this.

We do know that the Wire Fox Terrier made its entrance into popularity approximately twenty  years after the Smooth Fox Terrier was entered into the show ring. Both dogs were interbreed for a period of time to help improve the wire variety.

The Wire Fox Terrier became even more popular after World War II. It was 1985 when the AKC officially recognized the breed, having divided both the wire version and the smooth version as two separate breeds. Today these dogs are loving companions to families around the gold and can always bee seen competing in earthdog trials.

Upkeep Requirements For The Wire Fox Terrier

Owning a Wire Fox Terrier means having the same interests as this terrier does: tons of action! They have high energy levels and need daily exercise to remain happy, such as several brisk walks on the leash, but more importantly, plenty of play sessions outside with laps around the yard.

Wire Fox Terriers can tolerate both hot and cold temperatures, but not to the extreme. This makes the perfect dog to allow access to a safe fenced-in yard during the day, and to come inside at night to sleep indoors with the family. Grooming requirements call for a heavy brushing about three times per week. Their rough coat also needs to be shaped to keep it neat.

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the Wire Fox Terrier is between ten and thirteen years. There are no major Health Concerns that run common the breed. Minor health issues include Legg-Perthes, lens luxation, cataracts, and distichiasis. Rarely seen is patellar luxation and deafness. Veterinarians suggest that this breed get specifically tested for eye problems.

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