French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The Bulldog was extremely popular in England during the 19th century, particularly around the area of Nottingham. Most of these dogs were very small, weighing in at less than 25 to 30 pounds. They made their way to France when a large number of lace workers headed to the area for work and brought their small toy Bulldogs with them.

The Frenchwomen absolutely adored these little dogs, specifically the ones that had erect ears. This feature of the ears were very common, but most people did not like this look back in England. Soon enough, many more of these clown-like looking dogs were brought to France by dog dealers, which were referred to as Bouledogue Francais.

As their popularity grew, the breed had caught the attention of wealthy families throughout the entire upper class. You could find French Bulldogs in some of the most prestigious homes throughout France. It was during this same time period that American travelers who were visiting France brought several Bulldogs back to the United States and began breeding them.

Soon an entire American club was created for this doog and 1898 they had sponsored one of the most popular and elegant dog shows that was ever displayed. This dog show was specifically for French Bulldogs and had attracted large numbers of wealthy spectators which helped the breed’s popularity skyrocket in America. Their popularity among the rich continued to soar and the French Bulldog was rated the most popular show dog in the United States in 1913.


The French Bulldog is a fun-loving, clownish lapdog that enjoys playtime and being the center of attention. They love to cuddle and curl up next to you. These dogs are extraordinarily sweet, willing to please, and make great companions for anybody. They are slightly stubborn when it comes to training but once conditioned through obedience lessons, French Bulldogs can make great trainees.

Taking Care Of Your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are quite small and like most toy-sized dogs, physical exercise can be met through a nice walk on the leash or a romp through the house. These dogs do not do well in hot weather but can take the cold if necessary. This is one breed that should be living indoors at all times. Also keep in mind that these dogs tend to wheeze, snore, and drool. Grooming care is minimal, with the occasional brushing once weekly. However the facial wrinkles should be cleaned on a daily basis.

Health Information

The average lifespan of a healthy French Bulldog is between 9 and 12 years. Major health issues include CHD, intervertebral disk disease, brachycephalic syndrome, and allergies. Minor problems that come up are hemivertebra and patellar luxation.

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