Irish Setter Dog Breed

Irish Setter Dog Breed

The Irish Setter is a beautiful, happy-go-lucky dog that was bred to hunt enthusiastically with lots of energy.  This dog breed has a natural sense of happiness and excitability towards life. He makes a fantastic companion with both adults and children so long as there is enough activity to keep the dog happy. In fact, if the Irish Setter does not get enough daily exercise then he can become easily frustrated and sensitive toward distractions.

The Irish Setter is an amiable breed of dog which takes great pleasure in pleasing its owners and the rest of the family.  Although he would make an ideal pet for a family with kids, it is noted that the Irish Setter may be a little too rough and excitable with very small children.

Upkeep And Maintenance

When it comes to raising an Irish Setter, we can not stress enough how important it is for this animal to get plenty of exercise.  If you are thinking about getting a new dog and would like to have an Irish Setter, then you need to consider your lifestyle and understand that he will not be happy as your pet if you are not the active type.  You would be doing a great injustice by raising an Irish Setter and then living a sedentary lifestyle while never taking the dog outside.

How much exercise is recommended? Plan on running this dog breed hard for at least one hour of strenuous activity and exertion on a daily basis.  The Irish Setter is one particular breed of dog that is not suited for living in a small apartment. 

The ideal living situation would be that of a large fenced-in yard with plenty of room for him to move around. The Irish Setter can live perfectly happy as an outdoor dog and during warm temperatures, however, as with most dogs, he would need to be inside during the cold winter months.

Grooming this dog breed must be a daily routine.  With his long coat he needs regular brushing and the occasional trim so that he can look his best.

Health Information

The Irish Setter has an average lifespan of up to 14 years. Major Health Concerns which should be addressed to your veterinarian would be gastric torsion, CHD, and PRA.  Less important Health Concerns which may not affect this breed, but sometimes spring up are:  HOD, hypothyroidism, megaesophagus, osteosarcoma, and panosteitis. Veterinarians also recommend that the Irish Setter dog breed be specifically tested for thyroid, DNA for PRA, eye problems, hip dysplasia, and cardiac.

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