Norwich Terrier (Terrier Group)

Norwich Terrier (Terrier Group)

The Norwich Terrier, just like its cousin the Norfolk Terrier, is a fun-loving feisty little terrier that thrives off of adventure and action. They are hunters at heart so chasing small animals, especially rodents, is all that is needed for the Norwich to stay happy. These are the type of dogs that are best suited to be with people always on the go and enjoys daily outside activities.

Norwich Terriers make excellent watchdogs and are great around children. With a robust, playful attitude these dogs have a friendly attitude towards other dogs and pets. They even welcome strange people so long as its owner is around.

A Brief History Of The Norwich Terrier

England is the area of origin for the Norwich Terrier and the breed dates back to the 1800s. The Norwich Terrier shares an identical history with the Norfolk Terrier. The Norwich Terrier’s biggest difference from its blood-brother is the ears – Norwichs have pricked-ears and the Norfolks have droopy ears.

During the early periods of these dogs, both were used quite extensively as excellent rat hunters and for fox bolting. In fact, all short-legged terriers were well respected in England. Sometime around the 1900s there was a small Trumpington Terrier that lived in a stable near Norwich.

The terrier’s name was Rags and he sired many offspring, which are considered to be the official base of today’s Norwich Terrier. One of the offspring, a male, made its way to the United States and was considered the first ambassador of the breed. The dog’s owner was went by the name of Jones and many people to this day still refer to the Norwich Terrier as the “Jones Terrier”.

The AKC recognized the breed in 1939, but as one breed with two varieties (droopy ears and pricked ears). In 1979 they were officially known as two separate breeds and since then the Norwich Terrier has made a loving companion and a popular contestant in earthdog trials.

Upkeep Requirements For The Norwich Terrier

Any proud owner of a Norwich Terrier will tell you that this dog must have plenty of daily exercise. While they can get all of the action they need from running around the house, it is always best to allow your Norwich to freely explore the outside, running and chasing small animals to their heart’s content.

The ideal living arrangement for the breed is to have access to a wide open (but safe) outside area during the day, such as a fenced-in yard, and to sleep indoors at night with the family. They can tolerate both moderately cool or warm temperatures. Grooming requirements for the Norwich Terrier’s wiry coat calls for a heavy brushing about twice weekly, with a full stripping about every three to four months.

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the Norwich Terrier is between thirteen and fifteen years. The only major health concern that runs common in the breed is CHD. Minor health issues include seizures, patellar luxation, cataracts, deafness, and cheyletiella mites. Veterinarians suggest that Norwich Terriers get specifically tested for hip and knee problems.

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