Plott (Hound Group)

Plott (Hound Group)

The Plott is one member of the Hound Group that makes the perfect, all-around family companion. They are instinctively drawn to picking up a scent and following that trail until the end, yet once inside the house the Plott turns into a calm, mild-mannered family dog that is good around children.

This breed is about as courageous as a hound can get, reserved around strangers, but will fight to the death if need be to protect its family. These dogs are quite head-strong which makes training a bit of work, but once honed in to its owner’s commands the Plott is the perfect addition to a loving family.

A Brief History Of The Plott

Although the Plott is known as an all-American dog, one that is actually the official dog for the state of North Carolina, its roots go back to Germany during the mid 1700s. During this period the Hanoverian Schweisshunds were highly appreciated for their use as hunters, tracking down wild boars. Five of these dogs were taken back to the United States from Germany with a young hunter named Joahnnes Georg Plott.

Mr. Plott lived and hunted in the Great Smoky Mountains. And although there were no wild boar for his new dogs to hunt after, they were used with much success for other large prey, especially bear. Plott’s dogs could not only track and keep a bear at bay, they could also take the large animal down if necessary.

The Plott family continued to breed their dogs and over the upcoming decades other crosses were added to the mix to improve the breed. Almost all Plott dogs can be traced back to this family of hounds. In 1946, the “Plott” name was officially coined for the breed and it received AKC recognition.

Upkeep Requirements For The Plott

Taking care of the Plott breed is all about giving the dog an equal balance of love, attention, and time to roam the great outdoors to satisfy their hunting desires. The ideal living situation would be to have a large fenced-in yard that has access to the inside of the house during the day, and then to sleep with the rest of the family at night.

Plott dogs have moderate exercise requirements which can be met with several brisk walks on the leash each day or some vigorous playtime sessions outside. A truly happy Plott will be one that accompanies his owner on long walks through nature trails. They also enjoy swimming. Grooming requirements for the breed are minimal, with only the occasional brushing needed to remove any dead hairs from its short coat.

Health Concerns

The average lifespan of the Plott dog is between eleven and thirteen years. When it comes to common diseases among dogs, this is one of the healthiest breeds in existence. They have absolutely no major health issues or minor problems. Rarely seen in CHD. Veterinarians suggest that Plott dogs get specifically tested for hip problems only.

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