Toy Manchester Terrier (Toy Group)

Toy Manchester Terrier (Toy Group)

The Toy Manchester Terrier is a highly playful, loving, and affectionate member of the Toy Group. These dogs are excellent hunters and their spicy personality stays true to the terrier heritage. They are also one of the most kinder, gentler of dog breeds and thrive on human contact. Toy Manchester Terriers also tend to be reserved and almost timid around unfamiliar people, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

A Brief History Of The Toy Manchester Terrier

The history of the Toy Manchester Terrier dates back to around 1860 in England. At the time, one of the most popular dogs of the country was the Black and Tan Terrier. This breed was highly valued for its ability to hunt and kill rats, especially with the citizens of Manchester, England.

People had enjoyed the rat-killing talent of these dogs since the 16th century. Not only were hunting rats a needed service, people would also place bets on how many rats a specific Terrier could hunt down, providing plenty of entertainment in the process.

A cross was made with these efficient ratter Terrier dogs with that of the Whippet racer, resulting in the Manchester Terrier we know of today. For a time, however, the dogs were still referred to as the Black and Tan Terrier because they were practically physically identical. In 1923, “Manchester Terrier” became the official name of the breed.

The Italian Greyhound is also said to have been part of the bloodline, probably mixed in during the late 1800s, which explains why so many of the dogs varied in size. The smaller version was the most sought after type and breeders answered this demand by creating a miniature version – the Toy Manchester Terrier.

Upkeep Requirements For The Toy Manchester Terrier

Caring for the Toy Manchester Terrier is simply a matter of providing lots of love and affection. Add to that daily playtime and a few brisk walks on the leash and this dog is in heaven. They have high energy levels and are always up for a good time.

Toy Manchester Terriers should not live outside. They absolutely hate cold temperatures but can tolerate heat well (due to the short coat). Grooming requirements for the breed is minimal, with an occasional brushing every two weeks or so to remove dead hairs.

Health Concerns

The average life span of Toy Manchester Terriers is between fourteen and sixteen years. There are no major health issues. Minor concerns include cardiomyopathy and vWD. Rarely seen in the breed is deafness, patellar luxation, Legg-Perthes, PRA, and hypothyroidism. Veterinarians suggest that Toy Manchester Terriers get tested for DNA for vWD, eye, and hip problems.

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