Welsh Springer Spaniel (Sporting Group)

Welsh Springer Spaniel (Sporting Group)

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a laid-back, easygoing dog that is not quite as exuberant as the English Springer. They need plenty of daily exercise and has a large appetite for bird hunting so spending time in nature’s woodlands make the perfect setting for the breed.

Although independent by nature, Welsh Springer Spaniels are highly devoted to its family and make excellent house pets. They are very sensitive and may display a timid personality around strangers – but this shyness is what makes the breed an excellent watchdog.

A Brief History Of The Welsh Springer Spaniel

Mention of Welsh Springer Spaniels date back as far as the 1300s in early records of the Laws of Whales. However, there is still dispute whether or not these early dogs were directly connected with today’s Welsh Springer.

There is some evidence to suggest that the Welsh Springer Spaniel may have developed from the English Springer or is a creation from the mix of English Springers and the Clumber Spaniel. Land spaniels have been used for a long time in Wales before the Welsh Springer became popular, but the land spaniels were more likely not a uniformed group of dogs.

During that time, both English Spaniels and Welsh Spaniels were shown alongside one another at dog shows because they were strikingly similar, with the only difference being color. The Welsh made a soaring boost in popularity and in 1906 was recognized by the AKC.

Upkeep Requirements For The Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniels are solid, all-purpose hunter dogs with a keen sense of smell and can flush and retrieve game in both land and water. Because of this genetic trait they need to have plenty of outside space to run and play each day. They especially like quick bursts on a field.

While needing to be outside roaming and hunting most of the day, Welsh Springer Spaniels are happiest when sleeping inside at night with the rest of the family. As far as grooming requirements, their coat is long and lustrous, which means heavy brushing about twice per week. 

Health Concerns

Welsh Springer Spaniels have an average life span of between thirteen and fifteen years. A very healthy dog breed, they only have one major health concern – CHD. Minor health problems that may show up are epilepsy, otitis externa, and glaucoma. Rarely seen are cataracts. Veterinarians suggest that Welsh Springer Spaniels get tested for potential hip and eye problems.

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