Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

An adorable member of the toy dog group, the Yorkshire Terrier is a mixture of England’s finest terriers, made up of the Clydesdale terrier, English black and tan terrier, waterside terrier, and the Paisley terrier.

By the late 1800s, Yorkies had made their way to America but because there were so many variety of sizes, the Yorkshire Terrier did not make its exclusive name until the early 1900s.  It was at this point that the majority of dog enthusiasts deemed the smaller sized Yorkshire Terrier was preferable.

The temperament of this dog breed is that of a bold, confident, and courageous animal. And the Yorkshire Terrier seems to be oblivious to its small stature.  Always eager for fun and adventure, this dog can be a bit aggressive towards other small animals and strange canines. It definitely maintains that old rough-edged terrier spirit.

Upkeep And Maintenance

Like other toy dog breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier needs plenty of exercise but can get all of the physical activity it needs by running from room to room inside of the house or small apartment.  Of course this does not mean that the Yorkie should not be outside.  In fact, they love to take a brisk walk with their owner at any chance possible. Just be sure to keep your dog on leash to avoid problems with other small animals.

As far as living arrangements are concerned, the Yorkshire Terrier is not meant to live outdoors.  This dog breed prefers the companionship of its family and human contact.  If you must leave your Yorkie outside for any short period of time, just be sure that there is plenty of shelter and adequate bedding.

Yorkshire Terriers tend to grow very long hair.  Whether or not you decide to keep your dog with this style will determine grooming needs.  Most Yorkie owners keep their pets trimmed so that it only needs a thorough brushing three to four times per week.  Long hair will need to be looked after a little bit more often so that it does not tangle and mat.

Health Information

The Yorkshire Terrier has a lifespan of up to 16 years when raised in a positive environment by a health minded dog owner. Fortunately, the Yorkie has no major Health Concerns that we know of.  And the only minor health concern to look out for is patellar luxation. Veterinarians do suggest, however, that dog owners have their Yorkies specifically tested for eye problems, knee dysplasia, and have a liver ultrasound.

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