How far do you walk?

How far do you walk?

I heard a rumor that some dogs get walked more than a mile a day!

If that’s you and your pup we want to hear about it!!!

How far do you walk? What’s your pups favorite place to walk? Is it an everyday thing? Tell us all about it below in the comments and don’t forget to list your dogs age breed and name!

+ Chandler gets walked usually a mile and a half twice a day, once by me and once by my husband… we both normally walk to a nearby school and then home, which is about a mile and a half round trip. he’s a 6 month old lab / German Shepherd mix ? he also has a big yard to run around in with his best friends Ollie and Wes who lives downstairs.

+ Gervasi Weather permitting I walk my dogs every day for about 45 minutes each dog. I walk my girl boxer Chivas down to the bay shore ferries. She absolutely loves it. And than after I walk my boy boxer Regal to down to Captain bills. When my husband is off we can walk them together and it’s usually an hour walk. I think it’s their favorite part of the day. And I have to admit mine too ?

+ Weather permitting we walk Jackson between 2 and 3 miles per day over two walks. We have various loops we do in the neighborhood. We are also by the Trail End park. We like to go to the Massapequa preserve and different parks on the island.

+  Roxanne Elling ‘s German Shepherd Zelda runs 5 miles with us a couple days a week . She keeps us in shape and our pace has improved ??

+ When I lived in Long Beach we’d do a 3 miles loop at night on Broadway from Long Beach Rd to New York in the summer when I couldn’t sneak on the beach, not every day though. Now I’m in NYC and we walk everywhere. She also goes off leash in Central Park…See More

+ I take both my chocolate labs with me when I take my horse thru the trails we go about 5 miles at least twice a week they love it and it’s a win for me I get everyone out at once and I don’t even have to walk lol!

+ In the summer I take my dogs about 2 miles a day round trip to the dog park but we fall off in the winter. Lol

+ My roommate walks my two dogs about 45 minutes a day when I’m at work. When the weather is warm they get two 45 minute walks a day. They LOVE their walks . One of my dogs will badger me to death if I dont take her for walk when the weather is nice. She guilts me every time…lol

How far do you walk?

+ We walk Cooper an hour for one walk regardless of the weather and as long as we have time wise for the second. He gets over a mile a day for sure.

+ My husband walks Alina 2 miles at night before bed. If he tries to cut it short she will sit her stubby ass down and pout. ?

+ My girl is my running buddy. She pushes about a 9:15-9:30 on the mile. She’d go faster if I could keep up. We do almost 2 miles 3-4 times a week. She’s 3 yrs old and is a GSD.

+ We do about 1 1/4- 1 1/2 every morning, 365, and do the same in the evening during the summer.

+ We take our dog for 3 walks a day. Once in the morning around 6:30 or 7:30 am depending on who takes her, right when I get home from work 4:00 we go for a walk and I try to get to the dog park for 30 minutes, and at 8:30 p…See More

+ During the warmer weather, Jimmy and I walk at least 2 miles on the beach every day.

What’s your pups favorite place to walk?

+ We have a neighborhood loop. Few for variety. And special walks. We do levittown pkwy. Or mill pond

+ 3 to 4 miles every day and we have a mastiff. They say mastiffs are lazy…apparently not mine. He is literally up our tush until he gets his walk lol petey is 8.5

+ 2 miles early every morning, we have a field spaniel and 5 miles late every nite.

+ The first summer I had crazy Nelly, we did between 7-8 miles a day (3-4 in am and pm). Now, 6 years later, she is still good for a good 2.5 miles!

+ This little buggers name is Lady, she gets just a little over a mile a day! She’s 9, newly adopted, but starting to come out of her shell!! Shes a dachshund!

+ We call Ike “Magellan”. He walks about a mile in the morning and 2-3 after work. On a weekend he does easily 5-6 miles a day

+ 3 to 4 miles per day..2.5 mile walk on Beach and 1.5 miles on second walk..Daily…Shepherd Husky..

+ 3-5 miles a day. 3 times a day, usually with 2 dogs but sometimes I have 3. Then I’m a tangled mess ?

+ My husband takes my dog Gunner an hour in the morning and then i take him after work for another 45 min so he definitely gets more then a mile a day. He is 1 and a half years old he is an Amstaff and even after all those walks he is still sooooo full of energy lol

+ My boy gets a mile and a half, five times a week, weather permitting.

+ Omg how do you have the energy for that

+ I do about 4 miles a day. In the summer maybe more some days up to 8. Two standard golden doodles we walk the green belt trail

+ About 3 miles a day depends on weather, and time we have and how busy we are. 9 out of 10 days. We try to go in a different direction everyday. Sometimes we pop him in the car and drive a few miles before the walk to give him and us some new scenery. That’s his favorite. 10 yr old Beagle mix 49 lbs. (spends his whole time looking for food. Lol)

+ Before I got sick in nice weather over a mile a day. In bitter cold he was lucky to go a few doors down.

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