Disposable Dogs

Disposable Dogs

When it comes to the emotional universe of human-animal relationships, perfection becomes a much coveted goal in the eyes of the dog owner. Everybody wants to have a dog that is in perfect health, perfect confirmation, and with the perfect temperament. But does this ideal canine really exist?

While it is true that many animals, just like many people, are very close to perfection than others, it is highly doubtful that any specific animal (or group of animals) can realistically be perceived as “perfect”.

A Crime Of Attitude

It is quite surprising just how naive humans can be in their outlook towards their canine friends. Everyday, puppies are returned to pet stores from individuals who have a handful of complaints from so-called imperfections of the animal. These minor imperfections cause puppies to be passed from home to home without anyone taking the time to try to understand them before hoisting them off to the next family.

Young puppies that come down with an illness or a debilitating handicap are most often put to death by euthanasia rather than the owners committing the love and care to help it cope with its disease or handicap. It’s just the easy way out.

The basic theory seems to be clear: “toss away the less-than-perfect dog, for he can be quickly replaced by a more perfect one… hopefully.”

Realistically, Complete Perfection Is Impossible

If you are one of these owners who has illegitimately “thrown away” a not-so-perfect dog or puppy, then it is quite obvious that you are used to simply exchanging problems instead of eliminating them.

These animals are living creatures, just like you, just like your children and your family. How in the world can you expect each one to be perfect? Is the life of a dog not worth the extra care or attention?

Also like humans, dogs may not only come with imperfections in health, they also come with complex emotional systems that may be experiencing some sort of malfunction at one time or another. Many owners concede that when a dog starts to display an unwanted characteristic, whether it be physical or mental, it is then time to dispose of the dog for a replacement.

What Will It Take?

How difficult can it possibly be for pet owners to start thinking of their animals as sensitive living beings that need more love and attention than simply filling up the food dish and taking the dog out for a walk? My favorite quote is: “Dogs have rights too!”

And not only does your dog have rights to a life of love and care, regardless of many imperfect circumstances, he also has the right to be recognized for exactly what he is, which is a creature that is neither more perfect or less perfect than the owner that cares for it. If you do not make it a practice to discard your children for their imperfections, your friends, spouse or siblings, then have the decency to treat your pet the same way.

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