Dog Music

Dog Music – Is This Stuff for Real?

Dog Music

Some of you may have heard about a new craze taking dog owners by storm – dog music. This is, supposedly, music that has been specifically made for dogs’ listening pleasure, and is more enjoyable for dogs than our music is. Now, it’s hard to really say how realistic this is, but we’re going to take a closer look at what this could mean, as well as a brief analysis of how one of our own dogs responded to some listening trials.

Dog music might sound like a bunch of baloney, but consider this – has your family’s dog ever sung along to music or vocals? Does singing a note at a certain pitch elicit a howl from your pup? If your dog is musically inclined at all, you’ve likely noticed your dog acting different when music is played, which means they have the ability to differentiate music, be it through the rhythm or pitch, from the everyday sounds around them. Music for dogs simply means that it is geared at a certain pitch or rhythm that the studies behind it found are pleasing to dogs.

One of our dogs, Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. (she is named after a dog in a popular novel by Jonathan Safran Foer), was tested with several of the sample tracks we were sent. All of them are unique compositions, and have been created specifically for dogs. To us, the first set of music sounded like a series of basic tones, and she didn’t seem to respond in any particular way, though she had been sitting attentively before and after a minute of music or so, she relaxed on the ground. Was she relaxed by the dog music, or simply bored? That is hard to say.

We also got a set of classical music that had been altered for dog listening. It was raised in pitch and much slower and seemed to have no effect whatsoever on Sam. She didn’t even seem to acknowledge that the music was playing. All in all, if dog music is based on real science, it seems hard to prove, and if there is something to it, it needs a lot of work. This is not, however, discounting the theory behind the music itself. It certainly seems possible that a certain set of sounds or music might appeal more to dogs, but at this point in time, who can really say for sure?

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