Facts you must know about dog treadmills

When buying a dog, there are so many questions dog owners will ask a dog treadmill. Most dog owners do not know the importance of a treadmill until they get it. As much as walking and running outdoors for a dog can be healthy, sometimes time maybe a limiting factor. A dog owner who goes to work very early in the morning will not have time to go for a walk .Exercising becomes very difficult for a dog and the owner. Letting the dog out alone is also impossible because of the many risks outdoors.

As much as routine walking and running can be healthy, a treadmill too will make things easier for you. Having to wake up and take your dog to the treadmill is much more convenient and easy for any dog owner. Using a treadmill is better than keeping your dog in the shelter the whole day.

Proper uses for a treadmill

A treadmill in its overall use is to keep your dog healthy and energetic. If you have a heavy dog, a treadmill will help to trim down excessive weight. Instead of going for walks outside, keep your dog in a treadmill. It will supplement the regular walks you have outdoors, balance the energy and keep your dogs flexible.

A dog treadmill is suitable for use during harsh weather conditions. In some areas there can be rainy days and hot sun during the day. It is very difficult to take your dog out for walks and other physical exercises. Getting a dog treadmill this season will keep your exercise routine consistent. You only need to wake up and go to the next room for your dog workouts.

Dogs live for many years just like humans do. During their old age, dogs tend to feel bored and sad. Getting a dog treadmill will improve their old age life. A treadmill will awaken their energy and happy days. It is therefore appropriate that you get a treadmill for your aging dog. Besides hosting an old age dog, a treadmill can also rehabilitate an injured dog or one that has undergone surgery.

Treadmills can also be used by many dog shelters. The shelters confine a lot of dogs .treadmills work in place of walks that they are merely exposed to.

Dog treadmills can be put to many uses. They are a solution to most of dog owners that are tend to be busy to go out for a walk and runs.

Getting the right treadmill

Not all treadmills will serve the purpose for a human and a dog. There are some things that you should note in a treadmill especially for new dog owners. There are different types of treadmills designed for home use by humans and dogs. A manual treadmill will not work for a dog because it does not have the weight to power it. Humans are fit for a manual treadmill because there weight is enough to support it.

Dog treadmills and human treadmills have unique features to support them. A dog treadmill needs to be programmed to fit dogs requirements .It should have adjustable features to reduce the energy for small, middle aged and old dogs. Side rail is also another feature to look out for in a dog treadmill. They help to keep the dog centered.

Weight on the treadmill should also be considered. Dogs do not have much weight as compared to humans. Most human treadmills are designed to handle heavier weights. Look for a treadmill that handles suitable weight for the dogs unless; the dogs might not be able to handle it.

Introducing your dog to a new treadmill

Do not expect your dog to adapt to a treadmill within few minutes after purchase. It will take a good amount of time until they learn to trust it. Begin to familiarize your dog with the machine. Keep your dog close to the treadmill while it is not running. Let the dog play around the treadmill. Position your dog to stand on the treadmill when it is not running.

Once the dog learns to stand confidently at the center of the treadmill, run it at the lowest speed. Once your dog adapts to the lowest speed, increase to medium. In a week, your dog will begin to run on a treadmill anytime it feels to exercise or tired.

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