Four Factors to Consider when selecting Dog Toys

Dog toys are in different categories. There are certain specific toys that dogs love to play with. Before getting a toy for your dog, it is important that you identify the area of interest. Once you have identified your dog’s area of interest, getting a toy is much easier. Every time is not play time for your dog. The first thing to do is to notice your dog’s weary signs. The following factors will quickly tell you that its play time for your dog.

Here are different types of dog toys and what you should consider during selection

  1. Pets for chewers

Many dogs like to chew bones. But you will notice that not all dogs chew the same bone. There are dogs that chew soft bones while others the hard bones. Identify the chewing behavior of your dog then get the right bone and treats for the dog.

One of the things to consider before buying a chewable bone is the dog’s dental formula. There are dogs that have a weak and others a strong dental formula. If weak, get soft chewing bones that will make the dog comfortable .on the other hand, a dog with strong dental formula will chew hard bones. Rope toys too will serve the right playing purpose for your dog.


Most of chewing toys should be durable enough to last for many years. A dog will be able to chew the bone for many years without them wearing out. It’s therefore important that you consider chewing toys with longer durability. They will continue to give your dog not only effective play time but quality workout.


The chewing tools should be sensitive enough to prevent the dogs from hurting their teeth and gums

  • Toys for chase dogs

If your dog likes to chase, then this are the right toys to pick. But the toys should not completely wear off the dog. Choose the chase toys that will entertain and at the same time keep your dog running. Consider toys that will not wear you out as you play with your dog.

When playing catch, look for toys that are sensitive to the teeth and gums of the dog. Since the dog will be catching balls, the teeth are at a high risk of breaking. Besides that look for soft material made playing toys such as discs and tennis balls. The dogs should also be able to retrieve the toys from the mouth.

  • Toys for cuddle dogs

These toys are enjoyed with a dog that likes to carry and cuddle toys at the same time. Since the mouth is the one in use, consider getting soft materials made toys. If your dog enjoys cuddling, give a soft teddy bear to your dog and let it smell it.

  • Toys for attention seekers

These are the dogs that will like to be given attention each time they are bored. The toys to get should be able to burst the boredom out of the dog. Snacks and treats tend to reduce the boredom in a dog. Consider getting toys with a hollow shape. You can fix some snacks in the hollow shapes to keep the dog buy.

When getting a dog toy, it is important that you identify the area of interest. Pick a toy that will be able to serve the right purpose for your dog. That is the only way they will enjoy their play time. Additionally switch the toys to give to your dog every time. Similar toys tend to bore the dog very first.

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