Late Night Barking Caused By Cats

Late Night Barking Caused By Cats: 5 Ways To Stop Those Pesky Felines

Late Night Barking Caused By Cats

My Chihuahua LOVES to bark, but it is not always that protective “watching out for intruders” type of bark. Lately it has been the result of a group of pesky cats that seem to roam the neighborhood, and most often at two-in-the-morning!

While this may not be a problem for all of you, those that have small dogs (or even large dogs), that are being instigated by roaming cats just outside the door at night, here is a list of things you can do to get rid of these curious felines, while at the same time helping you get a better night’s sleep, along with your dog and the neighbors!

1) The first thing to do is try to find out where the cats are coming from. Do they belong to one of your neighbors? If this is the case then please be diplomatic. Such run-ins with pets can cause friction between neighbors, even if you are in the right. Simply voice your concern over the fact that the cat is alarming your dog and that it is causing everyone to wake up in the middle of the night.

2) If the cats do not belong to anyone living near by, the next step is to look into a product designed to repel the animals. There are plenty of products on the market created to do the job. Most of them have natural ingredients such as scented oils, pepper, or mustard oil. Some even contain urine from predator animals like the fox or the coyote. How effective they are depend on your up-keep with applying and re-applying the solutions. But they DO work.

3) If you prefer to use a home-made cat deterrent instead of a store-bought product as mentioned above, there are several possibilities. Citrus rinds have been known to work. Cedar chips are another option. Even garlic or vinegar has been used to deter cats. And just a tip to keep one of the cats from dying (if that concerns you) is to avoid using essential oils – they are toxic to cats. And for similar reasons cayenne pepper shouldn’t be used.

4) If these annoying cats are not only rubbing your dog the wrong way and causing hours of non-stop barking, but are also making a playground of your garden, consider adding loose gravel to cover over loose dirt. Another effective guard against digging from other animals is to sprinkle crumpled up pieces of aluminum. Cats absolutely detest walking on this type of surface.

5) And the best solution of all is to fence your property with cat fencing on the top. There are such cat fencing products that provide a netting barrier that installs on top of your current fencing structure. It is not the cheapest solution to the problem but it is definitely the most effective one.

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