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Outdoor Dog Products

Outdoor Dog Products

Ever wondered how your neighbor can maintain such a clean and healthy yard, even though he’s got two German Shepherds and one Yorkie that loves to urinate and dig all over the place?

The key to maintaining a successful yard and garden without your dogs interfering is to invest into outdoor solutions to keep your yard dog-friendly. Check out some of following product ideas that may be perfectly suited to your needs:

Dog Repair Kit by ENCAP

Keep your natural grass free and clear of damage with the convenient help of the Dog Repair Kit, created by ENCAP. With technology designed to improve the performance of your lawn soil and prevention of wear and tear, the Dog Repair Kit is the perfect solution.

Weighing 1 1/4 pounds, each Dog Repair Kit bag contains everything you need to repair your grass including mulch, seed, and soil conditioner. All you have to do is loosen up a few edges of soil and sprinkle a handful of granules from your Dog Repair Kit on top of the area.

Simply rake over the location and water the lawn as indicated by the seed watering guide that is included with your purchase. This tutorial will let you know when the seeds have received enough water.

ProGreen Synthetic Grass by ProGreen

This synthetic grass product is a perfect alternative to a yard that has patches of real grass scattered from your dog’s digging habit. It is also much safer and visually appealing than filling the area with concrete.

ProGreen synthetic grass allows for plenty of drainage through tiny holes when it comes to rainy weather or dog urine. All liquids drain perfectly through the turf-backing and into a special base leading into the ground. And to help break down pet odors and organic matter created by your dogs, a simple topical solution which fights bacteria can be sprayed over the synthetic grass.

Lawn Rescue For Dogs by Pet Naturals

One major issue that many dog owners have is discoloration of the grass when their dog urinates.  It is a common problem and one that can be easily solved with Lawn Rescue For Dogs, by Pet Naturals.

Lawn Rescue For Dogs is a tasty chewable supplement that is designed to balance out the pH of your pet’s urine. The result will be urine that will not create those unsightly discoloration patches on your lawn. The ingredients contain yucca, cranberry, brewer’s yeast, and DL-methionine.

Outdoor Dog Products

Is it possible to allow your dogs to roam free in the yard, yet maintain the integrity of your lawn? You may not think so, but with the right planning and products that are designed for outdoor solutions, you will have the comfort of knowing that your dogs are outside enjoying themselves and your grass will remain intact with it’s fullness and color.

To keep your lawn free from damage and soil, the following products may interest you:

Dog Spot Eliminator by The Organic Farm Store

One of the most annoying aspects of a damaged lawn is the discoloration which results from urine stains left when your dog pees. Dog Spot Eliminator is a product made by The Organic Farm Store that can prevent such occurrences. It works by combating those dead areas on your lawn created by your dog’s urine.

The product contains micro-nutrients that work to facilitate the natural recovery of the ground.  You can apply Dog Spot Eliminator on a patch-by-patch basis, or better yet, over the entire lawn. By applying this over the whole yard, future discoloration and dead spots from dog pee will be prevented. Dog Spot Eliminator is said to be 100% safe for all pets when used as recommended.

Triple Pet WasteEaze by Benedent

Another amazing product to hit the shelves is called Triple Pet WasteEaze, made by Benedent. It is a liquid supplement that quickly neutralizes and reduces the odor of your dog’s waste product, which in turn protects your grass from those nasty looking brown spots.

Triple Pet WasteEaze is made up of a mixture of yucca plant extracts and anthium dioxide. According to the manufacturer, this combination helps destroy compounds that causes odor, facilitates nutrient absorption, and decreases the pH levels of your dog’s urine. All you do is add a cap full of the liquid supplement to your dog’s water bowl as often as instructed by the label. You can purchase Triple Pet WasteEaze in 8 oz, 16 oz, or 32 oz bottles.

The Pet Patio Potty by Doggy Solutions

An alternative way of protecting your lawn without the use of supplements or grass repair kits is to invest in the Pet Patio Potty, made by Doggy Solutions. This portable dog litter box is designed to blend in with the look of your lawn or patio. It comes in both indoor and outdoor units.

The outdoor units are designed with high density polyethylene and is water resistant. The box frame has removable trays positioned over the litter so that you can remove your dog’s urine or feces without any mess or hassle. The Pet Patio comes in 4 standard sizes and 3 different model types, perfect to accommodate large and small dogs alike.


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