Dog-Friendly Party

Parties & Your Dog: How To Make Every Event Dog-Friendly

Parties & Your Dog: How To Make Every Event Dog-Friendly

Dogs improve the atmosphere wherever they are, and having the right atmosphere is key to any successful party, especially a springtime fiesta.

And yet, many people simply remove the dog for the duration of a party. To me, that makes no sense – you’re investing time and effort in hosting a party for your nearest and dearest, and the first thing you do is disinvite your best friend?

Let your dog be your live-in event designer, but forget the super-cute dog birthday parties, dog weddings, puppy showers and bark mitzvahs (for dogs, mingling undressed at a crowded dog park is the ultimate stag party). Instead, make your own get-togethers dog-friendly and every one will be a memorable occasion.

I believe there’s no event that can’t be made dog-friendly, whether it’s a casual dinner for four or a wedding. The trick is letting your party animal’s safety and happiness dictate the choices you make.

A Cautionary Tale: An acquaintance told me about an unexpected trip he and his partner were obliged to take in the animal-hospital emergency room. This costly, middle-of-the-night ordeal was necessitated by their dog’s ingestion of a whole lot of chocolate dough – prepared with baker’s chocolate.

In case you didn’t know, chocolate is the most toxic food to dogs, which had been left unattended on the kitchen counter top during the couple’s annual holiday bake-a-thon. Luckily, after the dog went through severe pain and had his stomach pumped by the veterinarian, he turned out alright.

Dog-Friendly Desert

Since life is short, starting with desert is a good strategy. But please make every effort to avoid coca – believe it or not, it is possible to serve mouth-watering desserts that don’t contain chocolate.

With warmer weather, it’s time to explore fruit-flavored deserts – just avoid grapes and raisins, which are toxic to dogs. Sorbetto and gelato are simply delicious, as are fruity baked goods ranging from ethereally citrus-y (lemon meringue pie, orange layer cake, Key lime mousse) to the irresistibly sweet (strawberry or pineapple Jello-O).

Exercise your creativity when planning children’s birthday parties – most guests at a child’s event will be thrilled to share Jell-O with a dog. It’s a perfect match: Children can be ultra-finicky about what they eat, and canines will generally eat anything. Put the two together and you’ll have kids eating everything on their plate because they are getting a kick out of watching the dogs eat it all too!

Parties & Your Dog: How To Make Every Event Dog-Friendly

A great food addition to any party that kids and dogs can both devour together are those to trusty boneless chicken nuggets and the ever popular mac-and-cheese. You might also find takers for fresh, cubed fruit and veggies, especially if offered with a peanut butter and jelly dip.

Setting a festive table by substituting dog bowls – clean, brand-new ones, of course – for plates is another decorating option.

If your event venue is a backyard or garden, replace chemical lawn pesticides and fertilizers with safe botanical alternatives; Neem Oil for the Garden is effective yet harmless to pets (it’s available online and at some health food stores).

Also, arm your dog against mosquitoes and other pests by washing him with an all-natural pet shampoo that contains Neem, which is absorbed by the skin. Neem makes the dog’s blood taste absolutely horrible to those unruly pests that fly in for a bite.

For good measure, safeguard against pests by rubbing your dog’s skin and coat with a product called Buck Mountain Herbal Gold Parasite Dust, made of Neem and diatom flour. You can also find this product online or at various health food stores. Be sure to replay the mixture if the dog gets wet. And when creating flower arrangements, remember that Lilies are extremely toxic so avoid them at all costs.

Resist the temptation to overdress your dog. At a wedding, say “no” to: four-footed tuxes, bridal gowns, top hats, tiaras, veils and yarmulkes. It’s far more humane to replace your dog’s ordinary collar with a special-occasion version made of grosgrain ribbon, color-coordinated with what the rest of the bridal party is wearing (inexpensive custom options, complete with useful monogramming is a great option and is serviced by online providers).

Here is a really good look for a large male dog (and especially sharp on a dark-coated mutt): A man’s wing collar and silk bow tie from. If it’s a kids’ party, go head and put an Elmo party hat on the dog, but don’t expect  him to wear it a moment longer than it takes to snap a photo!

Speaking of photo moments, if you’re entrusting archival duties to a photographer who’s not conversant with contemporary canine culture, explain to him or her upfront that you’d like to see the dog in as many shots as possible After the last thank-you note is mailed, you’ll be so glad to have proof that your party animal was the life of the party!


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