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Q & A: Cancer, Show Dogs & Crying Dogs

Question: Cancer & Show Dogs As Pets

“I have two questions – one is that I was heard that having a female spayed can cause cancer in some cases. Is this true? And second, I have also heard that large dogs that have been bred for show or specific tasks don’t make suitable pets for the average home.”


Spaying does not cause cancer any more than eating pickles will cause holes in your ears.

Your next question is loaded with dynamite. Someone who had a bad experience probably told you that dog bred for show don’t make good house pets. A dog is a living, breathing being who comes into this world to love and be loved. His environment from the day he is born (providing there are not genetic defects) will determine whether he will make a suitable pet for the average home.

Saint Bernards, for example, were bred to save lives in the snowy Alps, but the ones who live in Texas have proven to be outstanding pets for the average home. I personally own a German Shepherd that was bred originally to be a show dog, and is living a full life as a wonderful and happy house pet. Generally speaking, it is the first sixteen weeks of a dog’s life that will determine whether or not he will make a good pet.

Question: Whining Dog

“I live in an apartment building with a two-year-old Schnauzer. He is usually well-behaved, but he whines and cries when he is left alone. My neighbor has complained. Do you have any suggestions?”


The best advice here is to go to the nearest animal shelter and adopt a playmate for your Schnauzer. Then your dog will no longer be lonely when you leave him home all by himself, and you will have saved the life of a homeless dog doomed to death in the gas chamber.

Most of the time this will immediately solve the noisy dog problem, provide a warm friend for your pet, and make everyone happy. However, this also means owning and caring for two dogs, instead of one, which can become expensive in both time and money. So please think carefully about this decision.


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