Jealous Of New Baby

Q & A: Jealous Of New Baby & Chewing Issues

Q & A: Jealous Of New Baby & Chewing Issues

Question: New Baby & The Jealous Dog

“I have a 4-year-old, aggressive one-man Wheaten Terrier. Now I also have a new baby, and the dog is jealous! However, I’m afraid to keep him confined for fear it may break his spirit. He is very affectionate with me and my husband and I can’t give him away (wouldn’t want to anyway).”

“How about having his front teeth pulled, thereby enabling me to train him without undue risk to the baby? He tolerates the baby when it isn’t crawling after him. The dog is well trained otherwise (he’s been to obedience school); however, he is very nervous and has a nasty temper.”


While you are probably right that having your dog’s teeth pulled provides less danger, I personally would not do it. Not only is it unnatural but your dog needs all of its teeth to help break down its food. It would appear that your best solution would be to separate your youngster and the dog. Perhaps a large, fenced-in back yard would accomplish this end.

Question: Best Way To Stop Chewing Problems

“I have a problem with a female Corgi – age ten weeks old. When I go out she eats the paint and woodwork – literally gnaws it off. Her stomach has been upset. I’d like to know of something bad tasting that I can brush on. The pet shops have something, but it has an awful smell and I’m allergic to that, so can’t use it, unfortunately. Can you recommend something? She chews a rawhide bone in no time at all; she also chews a man’s shoe sole. The only thing she can’t break is a marrow bone!”


The problem you describe of chewing things up from boredom is a common one. However, since your Corgi is only ten weeks old, there is a good chance that this habit will disappear as she ages. As a general rule, most young puppies like to chew.

One diversionary tactic would be to provide her with a larger assortment of her own “toys” as a distraction. I would recommend some of the stiffer (harder) rawhide products, or even better, some of the nylon chew toys.

Things which might be applied to your woodwork to discourage her misplaced enthusiasm include fresh lemon juice, oil of wintergreen, or commercially available deterrent liquids that pet shops and online pet supplies stores carry.

You should also make sure she gets plenty of exercise and attention, because some of her chewing vice may be the result of boredom.


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