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Q & A: Natural Remedies For Skin Problems & Anal Gland Issues

Q & A: Natural Remedies For Skin Problems & Anal Gland Issues

Question: Natural Remedies For Skin Problems?

“My 12-year-old Pembroke Walsh corgi has been getting sebaceous cysts all over her body for the last few years. They are getting worse all of the time. They are huge and look like tumors. People are almost afraid to touch her. I had her on a raw food diet for a year, but it did not help. She has had numerous ailments all her life, including very bad inhalant allergies. I feed her only the best quality food and treats. What can be done about this?”


One of the skin’s major roles is to eliminate bodily wastes. The more inefficient the metabolic functioning is, the greater the quantity of resulting waste byproducts. It’s good that you’ve got your corgi on a raw diet, but she may not be efficiently processing this good food.

It’s similar to a car that’s out of tune being unable to utilize high quality gasoline. This is where dietary supplementation comes into play. Digestive enzymes like Prozyme and antioxidants like Cell Advance by Vetri-Science are great choices.

There are numerous homeopathic and herbal formulations that will address the associated allergy condition. You can find these on the internet or through health food stores, especially onces specializing in pet products, but it’s always best to work with a veterinarian who specializes in alternative therapies. Also, be cautious of and research giving her further vaccinations.

Question: Natural Remedy For Anal Gland Problem?

“My two-year-old dachshund has an anal gland problem. Recently I noticed he expelled fluid, enough to form a large stain on a pillow. This has happened several more times over the last few months. I brought it to my vet’s attention but he said it was normal. I have never had this problem with my other dogs.”

“The vet said that I could drain the glands a bit every few weeks with a paper towel but cautioned that doing this too much could cause the glands to fill more. I talked to another person who had to have her Chihuahua’s glands drained monthly all his life. Could it be cause for concern?”


Your veterinarian was right to voice concern over expressing the glands too often. The occasional gland squeezing is alright if it brings more long term relief. When an actual infection is lodged in the glands, having your veterinarian pack the glands with an ointment used to treat ear infections can work wonders.

There have also been beneficial results from the use of ingredients that bulk up the stool, such as bran. However, if you go this route and it works, it is recommend that you only use it sporadically.


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