Shedding Question & Feces Eating

Q & A: Shedding Question & Feces Eating

Q & A: Shedding Question & Feces Eating

Question: Too Much Shedding!

“I have always taken great pains with the care and grooming of my Siberian Husky, making sure that he is immaculate at all times. But when I brushed him today though, I got two full buckets of hair. I know dogs are supposed to shed, but never have I seen anything like this. He actually looks bald! Can you tell me why?”


As they say in life, you can overdo any good thing. If you keep him “immaculate at all times” then I would assume that his diet is also the very best, probably supplemented with vitamins and minerals that his system really doesn’t need.

This happens all too often. Owners who have nothing but good intentions run out and try to do everything possible to make sure their dogs and puppies are in good health. They buy all of the supplements, they attempt dog training from every angle possible, and they just plain go overboard on care – often mentally or emotionally debilitating the animal is some way.

But I digress – about the shedding issue, these types of haircoat problems can usually be traced to one of the following three causes:

1) Parasites

2) Dietary deficiencies

3) Hormonal imbalances

Only a veterinarian can properly diagnose which of these three things may be causing your dog’s problem. Schedule an appointment immediately and be sure to write a detailed list of all supplements and food intake that your dog has had over the last several months.

Question: Why Rabbit Pellets Can Cure The Feces-Eating Dog

“Some time ago I picked up a magazine article in the latest issue of Dog World and a man wrote in to the editor that he was having a severe problem with his dog eating feces. This man’s pet would literally eat feces from any animal at any time. The magazine suggested that he feed his dog rabbit pellets.”

“Well amazingly I had to try this same advice when my 2-year old Chihuahua started this same disgusting habit. And guess what? It worked! Now I’ve just got to find out exactly why it worked. I’ve asked as many as four different veterinarians and none can tell me why. Can you help?”


When a dog eats feces, it is generally an indication that a certain mineral is lacking in the dog’s diet. This can be the case regardless of what the dog is fed or how good you consider his nutrition to be. The same is true of dogs who eat cement or occasionally, dirt. The chlorophyll inside the dog’s body is converted into more complex substances and stored. Some dogs, however, eat their own stools out of boredom and not from a mineral deficiency. Rabbit pellets are not a magical solution, but you just happen to find something that contains a substance that your dog needs – the rabbit pellets. Just don’t go overboard on them and try to discuss this with a canine nutritional expert.


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