The Ultimate Guide To The Types of Dog Apparel

The Ultimate Guide To The Types of Dog Apparel

We all want our dogs to look eccentric and smart. Some of us even obsess about taking our pet dogs for pageants and beauty contests. Many of us are satisfied with nicely prepped dogs on our Facebook pages, and doting family photos, among others. Whatever your needs be, finding suitable dog apparel starts with knowing what type you should look for based on your dogs’ (and yours) style. If you’ve always had the desire to upgrade your dog, yet know nothing about where to begin, you’re lucky to be here. Here is your ultimate guide to, the five, most popular types of dog apparel in the world.

Outdoor dog apparel

This is apparel for dogs which spend most of their time outside the house. Outdoor wear is designed to help dog pets (s) deal with the harsh weather outdoors. Cold, rain, wind, water, dust, snow, etc. Some of the popular outdoor dog apparel you’ll find for the outdoors includes dog coats (mostly water resistant raincoats to protect dog fur from rain water), jackets and vests. When you’re buying outdoor dog apparel, ensure that your dog size is considered as this is the best way to make sure the dog receives maximum protection.


These are popular kinds of dog apparel, not especially for outdoor protection purposes only. Dog sports jerseys, sweaters and shirts are examples of tops your dog needs for protection from the brunt of chilly weather and other mild environmental extremes in your home. While numerous pullovers exist for your dog, getting those with an easy front closure will help you put your dogs in them easily. While getting your dog a nice top has numerous benefits, comfort should be top of your mind; e.g. you should help your dog put on their tops without too much pulling, especially around their head and neck regions.

Bottom apparel for dogs

Dogs also have legs if you haven’t noticed, and these need protective gear as well. Dog pants and shorts make for most of bottom apparel in the market, although others exist. Dog owners need to consider size of the apparel before making any buying decisions. At the end of the day, your dog needs to move on its own, and comfortably for that matter. The bottom apparel you buy for your dog should have ample room to allow for easy movements.


Accessories make some of the most popular kinds of dog apparel, especially among the young at heart. Accessories complete a dog’s outfit. They may comprise things like hats, Bling (dog tags) and bandannas, among other. The most effective way to ensure that the accessories for your dog are safe is to buy fitting ones since, unlike humans; dogs cannot make do with a sagging neck chain or loose tags. They have to be safely secured on the dog’s body.

Costumes for dog pets

We all love to have fun with our pets. Sometimes, we even include our dogs in role play and games at home. Some of us go to the extent of having character nick names for our dogs. Our dogs can fit perfect Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving themes. This means we can have more fun and get them in “character” using customized costumes. While buying costumes for your dog, make them funny, unique but comfortable. Your dog will appreciate it.

Over to you

There are many kinds of dog apparel out there on the market. There are those which suit every part of your dog’s body and many others which suit seasons, occasions and events. The choice of dog apparel types depend on your requirements.

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