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Three Amazing tips to help you customize or pimp your dog stroller

Three Amazing tips to help you customize or pimp your dog stroller

Look around the city and see how car owners struggle to pimp their machines. Everybody wants to look different and great in his or her car. The pimping tells you how car owners will stop at nothing to make sure their cars keep shining. As much as it is expensive people will go far to make sure they pimp their cars. A dog stroller on the other side is much affordable by dog owners. If you thought it’s just about cars wait and see how dog strollers can be pimped.

Here are some amazing tips to help you pimp a just bought dog stroller.

Stroller lights

Decorative lights on a dog stroller will attract anyone whom you meet. Decorating your dog stroller might make it brighter not just for you but for the dog. Pick some nice colored decorative lights from the store.tie the decorative lights around the stroller. You do not need to worry about the battery when it goes off. Get the lights that are battery-powered.you will visit many places without the lights going off. Besides that stroller lights bring a unique difference to your stroller than other dog owners with plain dog strollers. Put the lights on the dog fur and it will look great. If attending a dog show, put bright colors to catch every ones attention. When it’s Christmas, decorate the stroller with red and white colors. The decorative lights are affordable. You could buy different colors each season and month.

License plates

Licenses in almost all countries are known to belong to vehicles. It is required by law, everyone owning a car must have a license plate. A dog stroller too can be pimped using a license plate. A license plate will raise all the eyebrows of other dog owners and everybody who meets you with a dog stroller. Instead of using the normal number plates, customize the plate with the name of your dog. Pimp your license plate with a unique name and include bright and attractive colors.

Colorful patches

Patches add a colorful look to a dog stroller. Get cat patches, butterflies, skulls, fairies, dog among others. Stick the patches all round the stroller. Dog owners can change the patches anytime you wish to get new ones.

More fun ways to pimp your dog stroller is fixing an umbrella if it originally came without shed canopy. Buy a small umbrella with the same color as the stroller and fix on it. Not many strollers come with locks, find a place to artificially make a lock. Just like a car, your dog stroller is protected and your dog too.

Colors too give a good look to your dog stroller. A dog owner can consider changing the original color of a dog stroller to one desired. Bright colors such as pink, blue, violet give a good look to a stroller. Consider mixing the colors to give it a unique look from the rest of the strollers. Make you dog stroller look more colorful than ever just like a real machine car.

There are many ways to pimp your dog stroller. The pimping tools are readily available at the stores. Decorate and pimp your dog stroller according to different season. For instance if it’s Halloween, use the season colors to pimp your dog. Christmas goes well with red and white, get red and white blinking colors. To make it more spicy add a Christmas coral song to your stroller. If you are not familiar with the tools, pay up experts to pimp your dog stroller.


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