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Top 7 reasons why you must dress up your dog

Top 7 reasons why you must dress up your dog

Dogs have been man’s best friend since time immemorial. To have fun with them, many of us do different things; we buy them toys, we play with them and rescue the lost ones, etc. Dressing your dog in great apparel has immense benefits even if you don’t like to engage in it. The following are SEVEN reasons why you should start dressing your dogs.

Festive seasons

Each time you choose to enjoy yourself either through Halloween, Christmas or some other occasion, dogs too have their own days. In fact, do you know that January 14th is the national pet dressing day? There is even a website for this event where dog owners link up with goat, cat and rabbit owners to celebrate pet dressing as practice. As a beloved pet, your dog needs to be celebrated during this event with great dressing.

Dressing your dog Defines personality

People use your mode of dressing to determine personalities. Why should dogs be denied the same right to dress according to who they are? Whether your dog is a chaser, a soldier, a flirt or a cuddler, you can find an appropriate dress that will suit their personality. This will not only define the dogs’ personal preferences, but will communicate what the dog is to other people including fellow dog owners.

Protect them from cold

It’s the cold season in many places. As warm-blooded mammals, your dogs too feel the cold, and that can hurt their overall health and wellbeing. Find warm clothes or dresses for your dog (s) to protect them from the onslaught of the chilling cold months to come.

Gives attention

Dealing with dogs which seek attention can be a challenge. They always want to be at the center of action. If your dogs receive the attention they need, then they will comfortably be tired dogs, which are very good dogs to have. What better way to calm the attention seekers than give them something that will attract attention? Most people will respond positively to a dressed-up dog giving it the needed attention, earning the subsequent calmness.

Avoid monotony

Dressing your dogs removes the monotony they’re used to. Dressing your dog is equivalent to doing something out of the norm. This is not only entertaining to you, but helps your dog avoid slipping into depression caused by doing the same things over and over again. Find dressing that breaks this monotony for a happy dog.

Potential chew toys

Toys are regarded highly by the pet owning fraternity. They entertain and keep the dogs engaged. If you buy dresses for your dogs and they don’t like them, you have nothing to worry about. At worst, your dogs will start chewing on the dress and this has immense benefits on their blood flow and mood. Nonetheless, ensure that your dog doesn’t choke on the new cloths.

Dressing gives excellent photo moments

With the festive season coming to a close, photos with dressed up dog pets can last you through the year ahead. Even if you don’t really like to dress your dogs, why not consider getting them dresses for breath taking photo moments?  These ones have been known to work perfectly so long as the appropriate apparel type is considered.

Overall, there are literally thousands of dog dressing apparel on the market. As more and more people focus on getting their dogs dressed, so should you. Dressing your dogs not only helps protect them from the cold, but plays other functions like exciting your dogs once in a while, preparing for photo moments, stroking their egos and so much more.


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