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What Dog Groomers Won’t Tell You: A Brutally Honest Opinion From A Professional

What Dog Groomers Won’t Tell You: A Brutally Honest Opinion From A Professional

Have you taken your dog to a groomer parlor lately? When was the last time he was clipped? Brushed? Cleaned? If not, then allow real-life groomer, Sara Gordon, with decades of experience, give you an honest, no-nonsense opinion from a professional groomer’s standpoint on dog owners that come to see her for their grooming needs.

Read Closely, You’ll Learn Something

From Sara Gordon:

I groomed some forty years and prefer to groom in the quiet. I have nothing to hide but the dogs being groomed, as they certainly act up when they see the owner, or anyone else but me.

I must agree with most groomers, however, that it is difficult to control a dog while someone is trying to take a peek as you groom.

My first concern was the dog’s safety. In fact, even the sound of car tires will excite a dog and make it very difficult to handle.

I never used or believed in tranquilizers; in fact, I’ve groomed many dogs that bit their owners, but never bit me – and I didn’t use a muzzle or a gag. I simply let the dog know I wasn’t going to hurt it.

In fact, I preferred that the owner didn’t even tell me that the dog would bite. Dogs are like children – if they’re allowed to rule the house then they will.

I found that most of the folks that wanted a sneak peek didn’t love their dog as I did, as the dogs would always come in completely unbrushed for grooming; I mean to the extent that there was no way one could get a brush through its coat. 

They would say, “My dog will never let me brush him”, which is, in my opinion, a very poor excuse indeed!

Letting a dog go two to four months without brushing can create a real mess. Owners must think groomers can just wave a wand and it’s done. I always told them they could brush if they really cared to.

A good way to approach it also is to ask if they would let their child go two to four months without brushing or combing their hair. The answer is always no. They think about it then. It is mean to a dog to brush it after that length of time. It is sheer torture.

I’ve had many people say, “I just brushed her last night and she is already matted.”

This is NOT TRUE! All they actually brushed was the top of the coat, and it should be brushed from the skin out. I have proven that even five minutes a week will keep out the dead hair that causes those mats.

And my last gripe is about owners that insist on seeing their dogs while I am grooming them. A groomer loses time when people want to see the dogs that are in to be groomed, as they all start barking and whining and are hard to settle back down. So I say it’s cruel to upset them.

I told them to take their dog somewhere else if they insisted on watching. I was just not going to put their pet through that ordeal. They all left them with me, and, I might add, were very pleased with the results.


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