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Alan Hillsberg

Pet Disposition Director


Aquamation is a gentle pet cremation process that uses water instead of fire to return your loving pet back to mother nature. We understand all too well that after your pet has passed, the sadness may just begin. Whether it is one month or one year after your pet has passed, we are here to help you find something unique and meaningful to remind you of all the great memories your pet gave you.

Our mission at Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation is to exceed your expectations during such a sad time. We assist pets with a gentle and respectful form of pet cremation called aquamation, and we are the perfect group of caring individuals to help you with your end-of-life needs.

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We want you to feel at ease knowing that your pet will be handled with the utmost dignity and care. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help you through this difficult time and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to get in touch with us at 516.608-2279 or via our contact form.

Compassionate Care offers a unique memorial service for your pet that you can arrange from the comfort of your home. Ashes will be returned to you in one of our high quality urns. This process is more environmentally friendly than cremation and returns 20% more ash than flame cremation.

Imagine the Impact to our environment today and the impact we will make for future generations of an eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial. It’s a flameless process that uses water instead of fire. There is over a 90% energy savings when compared to flame-based cremation. There are no direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and no burning of fossil fuels.

With so many families in mourning over their lost friends, our bio-friendly aquamation options are the perfect way to say goodbye. We want to take your personal tragedy and turn it into a positive environmental impact. What a way to honor your pet and start the healing process through our unique memorialization options available.

We are currently serving the New York Metropolitan area:

  • Nassau County NY
  • Manhattan NY
  • Bronx NY
  • Queens NY
  • Brooklyn NY
  • Staten Island NY
  • Suffolk County NY
  • Long Island NY
  • Westchester NY

Veterinary practices that want to start offering their customers aquamation services can also contact us anytime for additional information. We provide your clinic with low partnership pricing for an eco-friendly pet cremation alternative in NY.

Proud sponsor of VMA NYC and the Long Island Veterinary Medical Association.

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