Where does your dog(s) sleep?

Where does your dog sleep

In my bed

In his/her bed

He/she sleeps in a few different places

Wherever they want    +51

Couch    +35

In their crate    +24

On the floor +16

Their bed at night & my bed in the morning    +12

In bed with kids    +5

under the bed

Kids room floor

In the bathtub/bathroom

Their bed to start then when we fall asleep they sneak onto our bed ?


+ His/Her bed during the day and my bed at night

+ On my bed and his/her couch

+ For some reason I can’t vote lol. But my dogs sleep in my bed

+ We have two dogs and a cat. One dog and the cat sleep in bed with us. The other dog sleeps in her crate. She’s still a pup. I’m sure she will be in bed with us soon too. Lol

+ He moves around the house all night long, our bed, toddler bed, hallway, couch, bathroom floor. He wakes up every few hours and switches spots. ??‍♀️

+ The whole dog in the thing seemed cute until the hair drove me nuts! I strongly encourage my cattle dog to sleep on the floor. Our smaller dog sleeps with us, only because he gets cold at night.

+ 4 dogs, now seniors, all sleep in separate comfy crates or they’d play or fight all night?‍♀️☺️

+ My boy sleeps in his crate

+ Loving the answers!!!

+ Both sleep with us in our bed. ????

+ wherever he wants lol

+ For some reason he doesn’t sleep in the bed with us he likes to be alone when he sleeps so he usually sleeps on the couch or in his crate

+ I added a poll option bc my dog starts the night off in his bed & in the early am after my husband lets him out to pee he gets back in my bed with me ?

+ My boys have a king size bed. They are nice enough to spare 2 postage stamp sized spots for Kenneth and I to cram our fat asses into ?

+ My dog pees a lot unless she gets meds. So we don’t let her on the bed. But let me tell u this she’s fully spoiled otherwise, and shes as happy as can be despite a potential torn acl

+ My last dog slept wherever she wanted most of her life was in my bed and sometimes she chose the couch. My new puppy is not yet housebroken so she sleeps in her crate but once she is house broken she’ll be able to choose where she wants to sleep

+ I can’t vote either but in our bed any anywhere else they want ?

+ In their beds now. They are too old to jump on our bed now.

+He sleeps in bed with me. Doesn’t even leave the bed at all during the night. I have to lift him out of bed in the am to go potty but I admit I’m an early gym riser.

+I make the payments on the houses my dogs run the place

+ We have 2 dogs sometime 1 sleeps here and the other sleeps there

+ We are leaving this up until every member votes !!!

+ Mine used to sleep in his crate till 1 year couple months ago. Now we let him on the bed, how do I get him to sleep in his own bed on the floor lol bc 60 lbs on ur legs is not fun

+ In our bed or the couch

+ Which one?

+ In my bed

+ 4 share their bed with us….and the other two sleep in their own….but share the other 4’s bed once I get up for work ?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤???

+ Starts in my bed then violently jumps up, like she slept over a frat boy’s house and doesn’t want to be seen leaving in the daylight so she sneaks out before twilight, then sleeps in her bed for the rest of the night.

+ Sometimes I have to get into bed 1st or else I’m moving her over so I have a spot?

+ Under my covers ??

+ 2 of them in bed

+ In my armpit and rib cage, that’s where she sleeps ❤❤

+ in my bed

+ My 2 sleep next to my bed

+ ALL OF THE ABOVE!! Spoiled brat!

+ All different places. But he is a GSD and gets hot easily so never on a bed

+ In my bed hogging the blanket

+ In my bed…so comfy and warm…♥️?

+ Under my bed

+ My one year old eagerly slept in a soft crate until about a week ago when she suddenly refused to go into it anymore!!! What’s up with that?!

Where does your dog sleep? Did we mention your dog’s favorite spot? Answer below with your comment

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